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Jim Buie


Since trackbacks are not enabled on your blog, I'll post this message to say that I gave you a plug in my ConvergeSouth coverage:

"Tip of the hat to Kevin Howarth's Narcissistic Graffiti blog for gleaning this quote from Dave Slusher, which he dittos....Both Kevin and Dave write extremely well. I will return to their blogs often."


Jim Buie

currently in Apex, NC

Jim Buie

Ooops. I called you Dave. I meant to call you Kevin. Now I'm gonna post on Dave's blog. I hope I don't call him Kevin.


Spacey G

Jeez Kev... what were you guys on at ConvergeSouth? Amanda C. at RocketBoom is STILL talking/gushing about it! You guys musta been really good or somethin'...

You were great on WRFG today! That was just too much fun. Let's hope we can all get together on the radiowaves again real soon, ya hear.

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